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  • Minimess™ Test Points

    Minimess™ test points offer a uniquely simple method of accessing pressurised systems for safe leak-free testing, sampling or charging. A lifetime leakfree guarantee and suitability with almost any fluid or gas makes Minimess the most versatile test point available.

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  • Minimess™ Pressure Test Kits

    Our Minimess portable pressure kits range from low cost 2 gauge kits to six gauge fixed metal test boxes along with kits tailored to specific test points and pipe work fittings. Choose from BSP, Metric, JIC, ORFS based kits with all common test points and test hoses available such as 1620, 1615, 1215, Steck, HSP and Flat Face Quick Release.

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  • Microbore Hose Assemblies

    Dn2 & Dn4 microbore hose assemblies up to 630 bar working pressure. Hydrotechnik UK assemble & supply to almost any configuration from stock and aim to offer same day despatch wherever possible if required.

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  • Industrial Pressure Sensors

    A large range of high quality pressure transducers with differing cable, thread & signal output options made for general industrial use on liquids or gases. The all stainless design and 0.5% accuracy make for a high quality but economic choice for a wide range of uses.

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  • MultiSystem 5060plus

    The MultiSystem 5060plus is the market leading hand held measuring & data logging device from Hydrotechnik. Using the latest technology, it is the new benchmark for mobile hydraulic diagnostic measurement and logging with many signal connection options.

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  • Healthy Hydraulics

    Healthy Hydraulics is a new knowledge based website providing helpful information from industry leading experts in hydraulic component best practice, operation & maintenance

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Hydrotechnik UK Ltd. Test with confidence....

Hydrotechnik UK Ltd is one of the UK’s leading test and measurement equipment distributors and manufacturers, servicing a wide range of industries since 1990.

Hydrotechnik has a large product portfolio with a huge range of Minimess™ test points, test point adaptors, high pressure microbore hose assemblies, pressure gauges and Minimess test kits for analogue testing, charging, bleeding or sampling of almost any fluid or gas.

Hydrotechnik UK Ltd offer a large range of Measurement Sensors and Datalogging Equipment for Digital hydraulic testing & analysis. Our measurement sensor range includes Pressure, Flow, Temperature & RPM to name just a few, with MultiHandy or MultiSystem portable Dataloggers for accurate high speed measurement & performance analysis of Hydraulic or process systems.

Hydrotechnik equipment is chosen for it’s high quality, ease of use and flexibility and is the choice of industry professionals worldwide.