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Digital Diagnostic Test Equipment & Sensors

Hydrotechnik offer high quality digital measurement equipment from simple to use gauges up to Multi Channel high speed data acquisition devices. User friendly operation, robust design & excellent technical support make our equipment the choice across the full spectrum of industry professionals.

  • Digital Pressure Gauges
  • Digital Displays
  • MultiHandy & MultiSystem Hand Held Portable Dataloggers & Software
  • Pressure sensors for industrial Original Equipment Manufacturers
  • Measurement Sensors for Test & Development
  • Bespoke test & datalogging rigs for component testing & proving

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  • Gauges, Switches & Displays

    Hydraulic Testing – Pressure Gauges
    Digital pressure gauges, switches or displays up to 1000 bar for hydraulic or process pressure measurement and control.

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  • Hydraulic Datalogging kits and Digital Measuring Instruments

    Hydraulic Testing – Portable Digital Instruments
    A series of digital instruments to measure or log sensor outputs for fixed or hand held use. 2020, 3020, 4010, 5060 and 8050 series from 2 to 40 channels.

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  • Sensor Range Overview

    Hydraulic Testing – Pressure Sensors
    A huge range of measurement sensors designed to work with our dataloggers or as stand alone sensors. Temperature, Flow, RPM, Current, Voltage, Displacement, Vibration and Force.

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  • Hydraulic and Hydrostatic Test Rigs

    Hydraulic test rig
    Hydrotechnik UK have extensive experience in the design, development, manufacture and commissioning of fluid power test rigs for end of production sign off or component testing

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