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Hydraulic Datalogging kits and Digital Measuring Instruments

Today's fluid power systems are more sophisticated and more powerful than ever before. These advanced systems require accurate test and analysis data in order to truly understand and optimise performance.

Hydraulic Data loggers are digitised electronic devices that record data over a period of time. They are generally quite small, battery powered and designed to be portable and easy to use, however, some can be a bit bigger and aren’t a stand-alone piece of equipment, but instead require some software to activate and allow them to be used. 

Hydrotechnik supply a high quality range of instruments and sensors that are the perfect solution to your high scanning, accuracy and testing needs. They allow you to acquire data which is helpful to find faults when performances drops or before catastrophic failure occurs. 

All of our hydraulic datalogging instruments comes with the powerful HYDROcom6 analysis software package which allows detailed analysis, zoom, overlay and archiving for histrorical reporting.

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  • MultiHandy 2025 hydraulic datalogger

    MultiHandy 2025 two channel hydraulic datalogger
    Easy to use rugged and highly accurate two channel digital display and datalogger. Real-time, max/min and differential pressure readings. Output of data to PC for analysis and reporting.

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  • MultiHandy 3020 kits

    Measuring Kit | MultiHandy 3020 Measuring Kit
    Mobile hydraulic datalogger for detailed hydraulic diagnosis with 3 physical measuring channels, 2 calculation channels, min / max & 1,000,000 memory readings.

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  • MultiBox 3060 series

    MultiBox 3060 datalogging devices
    The Multibox 3060 series are designed for long term datalogging applications e.g mobile equipment hire monitoring or remote hydraulics.

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  • MultiSystem 4010 kits

    5 channel Hydraulic Datalogger
    5 input channels & 5 calculation channels, digital I/O, optional CAN channels, full HYDROcom 6 software, 2Gb SD memory, colour screen with graph or text display.

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  • MultiSystem 5060plus kits

    24 channel 5060plus datalogger
    8 channel inputs, 14 CAN Bus or calculation channels, 2 digital I/O, full HYDROcom 6 software, 2Gb SD memory, up to 0.1ms scanning rate. Large colour screen with graph or text display.

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  • MultiSystem 8050

    Multi channel 8050 datalogger & control devices
    14 input channels, 6 or 14 CAN bus or calculation channels, 4 digital I/O, current & voltage input, 2 analogue outputs. 10.4" colour touchscreen. 256Mb memory.

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  • MultiXtend extension modules

    Hydrotechnik channel extension box
    MultiXtend is the name of extension modules that can be used to expand Hydrotechnik measuring instruments or equip them with additional signal measurements.

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  • Hydrotechnik Software

    HYDROcom Software
    Software for simple viewing of measured or real time data on a PC to complex analysis and control, including the market leading HYDROcom 6 analysis packages.

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  • Measuring cables, cases & accessories for industrial use

    Measuring cables, cases & accessories
    Measuring cables, cases & accessories.

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