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Differential pressure transducers & transmitters

From very low differential gas monitoring in pneumatics, HVAC and cleanrooms to high line pressure sensors for hydraulics, fuel, oil and air filtration. Line pressure ranges up to 2,000 bar with adjustable differential pressure. High level media compatibility with stainless steel wetted materials and options for local readout and wall/surface mounting configurations.

• HT-SMD series: compact industrial wet/wet differential sensor, ranges < 100 bar (line <2000bar)
• HT-DDPT series: wall/surface mount enclosure, dry air/gases only, ranges from 1mbar DP
• HT-DDPTM series: wall/surface mount enclosure, gases, fluids and oils, ranges from 70mbar to 65bar DP                                                  

Example applications
Hydraulics & Pneumatics
Clean rooms

  • Low differential pressure/gas transducer

    HT-DDPT series low differential air/gas pressure transducers

  • Low differential pressure/gas transducer

    HT-DDPTM series high differential pressure transducers

  • HT-smd differential pressure transducer

    HT-SMD series wet/wet differential pressure transducers