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Force measuring sensors

Force Sensors

The deflecting beam principle (shear force sensor) Since a force and the deflection of a beam is proportional, this sensor is able to determine a force by measuring its elongation or change in length. Due to its compact design, these traction-pressure force sensors can be used in the laboratory, as well as in industrial environments. Made with corrosion-proof steel, the sensors have a standardized nominal characteristic value. They can be mounted easily allowing simple integration into existing structures.

Hydrotechink offer a series of Force measuring sensors based on shear force, traction force and pressure force principles.

Designed for use with Hydrotechnik measuring equipment, this new family of sensors further expand measuring and diagnostic possibilities.

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  • FO110 Deflecting Beam Force Sensor

    Deflecting Beam Force Sensor
    Deflecting Beam Force Sensors (shear force sensor) available from 0 - 20 Kn

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  • FO210 Traction Force Sensor

    Traction Force Sensor
    Our range of force sensors are perfect to record traction forces at lifts, cranes and housings, or twistings of masts, towers or platforms.

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  • FO310 Pressure Force Sensors

    Pressure Force Sensors
    Our range of pressure force sensors measure the traction from lifts & cranes and other industrial applications.

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