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Minimess Pressure Test Points

Minimess construction

Minimess test points offer a uniquely simple method of accessing low or high pressure systems for the purpose of pressure testing, oil sampling or gas charging. Developed by Hydrotechnik more than 50 years ago, they are found worldwide in hydraulic, process and gas systems. These pressure test points offer the most advanced sealing system available with working pressures up to 630 bar.

A lifetime guarantee and suitability with almost any fluid or gas makes Minimess the most versatile test point available. Please see our gas charging test point section for gas applications.

Pressure Test Point Applications
• Hydraulic Testing Points   •  Gas Testing   Gas Charging Valves   Bleeding Points   Oil Sampling Points 

Leak free design 
Advances in requirements for leak proof hydraulic systems led Hydrotechnik to design a positive ‘O’ ring and poppet seal design. Competitor test points with metal to metal ball bearing seal can give rise to leakage over time, especially in cyclic or high pressure applications.

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