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Minimess® 1215 pressure test points

Minimess® 1215 test points (also known as Test 12) are commonly used in the gas industry, construction and pressure manifolds due to it's small and compact design. The 1215 test point is capable of up to 630 bar working pressure and is available in a wide variety of connection threads, body materials & sealing options.

Minimess 1215 test points are also available incorporated in to our test point adaptors range on request (see Minimess 1620 test points & adaptors section for details).

All MINIMESS test points carry a lifetime leak free guarantee for all compatible fluids. For permanent installation on gas applications, please see our Gas Charging Valves section.


  • Minimess® 1215 male threaded test points

    Minimess 1215 Male threaded Test Points
    Minimess® 1215 Male threaded Test Points.

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  • Minimess® 1215 female pressure gauge adaptors

    1215 Minimess Female Pressure Gauge adaptors
    Minimess® 1215 female to female threaded pressure gauge adaptors.

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  • Minimess® 1215 bulkhead adaptors

    Minimess 1215 Bulkhead adaptors
    Minimess® 1215 male bulkhead adaptors.

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  • Minimess® test point to test point conversion adaptors

    Test point to test Point conversion adaptors
    Minimess® test point to test point adaptors for conversion of an existing test point thread to a different test point thread.

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