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Minimess® 1604 pressure test points

The Minimess® 1604 test point is preferred for applications where a larger flow rate is required through the test point, the Minimess 1604 has a 4mm nominal bore compared to the 2mm standard in Minimess 1620, 1215 and 1615 test points.

This is particularly useful in applications such as Gearbox Oil Sampling or testing systems with high viscosity oils as well as applications where systems or containers must be filled or drained. Minimess 1604 test points are also available in free-cutting or high grade steel with several metric and international connecting threads.

Incorporated in to our test point adaptors range on request (see Minimess 1620 test points & adaptors section for adaptor details).

  • Minimess® 1604 male threaded test points

    Minimess 1604 Male threaded Test Points
    For applications where a higher flow rate is required through the test point, or testing systems for high viscosity oils.

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  • Minimess® 1604 Female Gauge Adaptors

    1604 test point to gauge adaptor
    Gauge or sensor adaptors to suit Minimess® 1604 series test points

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