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How to Capture and Eliminate Pressure Spikes in Hydraulic Circuits

Download the article 'How to Capture and Eliminate Pressure Spikes in Hydraulic Circuits'.

Written by Chris Banks, Technical Director at Hydrotechnik UK, the article illustrates the problems faced when capturing pressure spikes of a specific nature on a pressure gauge. Pressure peaks or sudden spikes are very damaging to hydraulic systems. Understanding when they occur and what happened in the run up to a system spike can help eliminate the root cause which in turn will lead to a more reliable system and can help prevent premature system component failures.

Conventional pressure sensors and measuring equipment sometimes are just not quick enough to capture the full extent of the problem.

Hydrotechnik’s 5, 8 and 14 channel datalogging instruments eliminate many issues experienced when capturing pressure spikes and these issues with advanced trigger functions. , the instrument is recording continuously but only stores data once the trigger event occurs. In practice this means data is recorded before and after the pressure spike so the entire episode is captured.

Capture High Speed Pressure Peak using:-