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PCFPU280/70-U bladder, diaphragm & piston accumulator charging & testing kit

PCFPU280/70 diaphragm accumulator charging kit
SKU: PCFPU280/70-U
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Nitrogen Accumulator charging kit for charging or pressure checking with Hydac style M28x1.5 female threaded accumulator valves with hexagon valve key. 400 bar maximum pressure (limited by charging device) with Hydrotechnik Minimess® test or charging points and charging hose.

  • Valve body complete with M28x1.5 female ring nut connection to accumulator gas valve, bleed and Minimess charging hose connection.
  • Additional accumulator charging valve adaptors to 5/8” UNF female, 7/8” UNF female (long & short thread), 5/16" UNEF (VG8) female (long & short thread) and 1/4" BSP female
  • 2.5m long High pressure flexible microbore hose complete with Minimess connections.
  • Two pressure gauges (60 bar and 250 bar)
  • 5/8" BSP male Adaptor to connect to nitrogen bottle with Minimess charging hose connection.
  • Set of spare gaskets.
  • Carrying case.

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