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HYDROcom Evaluation Software for Windows

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HYDROcom Evaluation Software for Windows

The HYDROcom software allows the user to download measurement data files from the Hydrotechnik Range of Hand held or portable test and data logging instruments to a PC.

Both graphical and tabular representation of the data can easily be created. Although default settings are provided, the user is free to custom select colours, axis labels, and titles for the graphs and charts created. The program also offers the following features to enhance and customize output:

Hydrotechnik released HYDROcom version 6 in July 2010 with many features added and improved in order to make data flow faster and easier for users.

To download the latest version of HYDROcom 6 then please click the link below. The file is in .zip format and after unzipping the file, double click the Set Up icon to install on your computer. The version will initially be the Professional version of which you get 50 trial runs and reverts to the Basic thereafter if you have not purchased a licence key or entered the licence code supplied with a new instrument (see below for more details)

Download the latest version of HYDROcom 6 here!


  • User friendly operation
  • Improved file management with HYDROcom explorer
  • Individual program layout
  • Improved templates and configuration files
  • Display and processing of several channels or measurement series
  • Easy creation of test reports
  • Increased format options in data exchange
  • Multiple display styles
  • Online mode for measuring and monitoring
  • Fast acquisition of measurement values

HYDROcom6 comes in 3 versions - Basic, Standard and Professional

  • Basic HYDROcom6 is supplied with all new MultiHandy 2020, 3020, 3050 & MultiBox 3060 series of instruments
  • Standard HYDROcom6 is supplied with all new MultiSystem 5060 and 8050 series of instruments
  • Professional HYDROcom6 is upgradeable from Basic or Standard.