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MultiControl 8050 Measuring Control System

MultiControl 8050 Measuring Control System
SKU: 3160-00-66.00
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MultiControl 8050 Measuring Control System

With a total of 30 input channels and an uniquely clear display of a large number of measured values, the 8050 series is ideal for the measuring and supervision of complex systems. With six output channels, many options are available up for the control of machines, plants and test standards.

  • Designed with test house and R&D applications in mind, this "Black Box" 8050 is an economical alternative to the MultiSystem 8050
  • HT communicator Software controlled, this 30 channel data acquisition unit can also be integrated with user's existing CAN-BUS system
  • For Extra channels you can connect 2 of the 8050 systems in a series or connect the CAN channel adaptor boxes.

Technical Specifications

The MultiControl 8050 works similarly to the MultiPanel 8050 measuring system, with numerous analogue and digital inputs and outputs this control system is suitable for many applications. With the memory storage available (128 MB) and the ability to expand to 1 GB you can store reams of information that can be analysed over time. For further technical specifications please click the Data Sheet supplied below.