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Pressure Gauges 63mm Bottom entry 1/4" BSP

Pressure Gauges 63mm Bottom entry 1/4" BSP
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63mm Bottom entry pressure gauges

Analogue pressure gauges enabling you to measure gases and fluids up to 700 bar.

Pressure gauge displaying fluid or gases up to 700 bar that are not highly viscous.

Techncial Specifications

  • Case and bezel : stainless steel AISI 304.
  • Window : shatter resistant acrylic.
  • Damping Liquid: bidistilled glycerine.
  • Connection : brass. G1/4" BSP or NPT Male threaded.
  • Sensitive element : Copper alloy Bourdon tube up to 70 bar, phosphor bronze for pressure from 100 to 690 bar.
  • Mechanism : high precision watchmakers brass.
  • Joints : soldered in tin alloy or silver alloy for pressure above 60 bar.
  • Indicator : tempered steel.
  • Dial : stoved enamel on aluminium.
  • Accuracy : class 1.6.
  • Scale : dual psi (outer) + bar (inner).