5114-21-03.KIT1 Nitrogen Charging & Testing Kit for Minimess® Accumulator Valves

Minimess® gas charging kit for charging accumulators with Nitrogen or to check or reduce existing pre-charge pressure in accumulators.


  • 1087-HYDRO device suitable for up to 300 bar operation.
  • Connect & disconnect under full system pressure.
  • Lifetime leak-free guarantee.
  • Minimess test points offer excellent system access versatility.
  • Simple hand-tightening hose connection to accumulator charging device.
  • User can charge or test pressure away from the accumulator.

Kit contents

  1. 1087-HYDRO charging & testing device with W24,32x1/14" female bottle connection to Minimess 1620 charging hose connection. 0...250 bar pressure gauge.
  2. HT-236376 W24,32x1/14" male to 5/8" BSP male bullnose adaptor for UK N2 cylinders.
  3. 5414-02-10.00N Minimess 1615 to VG8 or 5/16"-32 UNEF Schrader valve adaptor.
  4. 2446-16-30.00 Minimess 1615 to 7/8"-14 UNF accumulator valve adaptor (permanent adaptor, requires removal of the original valve).
  5. 2446-18-30.00 Minimess 1615 to M28x1.5 accumulator valve adaptor (permanent adaptor, requires removal of original valve).
  6. 2402-01-18.00 Minimess 1615 to 1/4" BSP male charging valve.
  7. Seal Set.
  8. S100-AC-AC-02.50 Minimess 1620 charging & testing hose, 400 bar max, 2.5m long.*

*Any hose lengths available upon request.

Ordering code

Charging adaptor *Replace X with
No valve or adaptor required X
Minimess 1615 charging valve G1/4" male 1
Minimess 1615 to 7/8" - 14 UNF adaptor * 2
Minimess 1615 to M28x1.5 adaptor * 3
Minimess 1615 to VG8 (Schrader style) 4
All adaptors listed above U

* 7/8-14 UNF and M28x1.5 options are permanent replacements only and require removal of original valve before fitting.

See attached datasheet for more information and operating instructions.

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