5114-21-03.KIT1 Nitrogen charging & testing kit for Minimess accumulator valves

Kit Contents:

  • 5114-21-03.00 charging and testing device with 1620 Minimess gas charging valve fitted.
  • 250 bar Analogue gauge for Accumulator pressure
  • Bleed valve for excess charged pressure
  • W24,32x1/14" female (European standard) nitrogen bottle connection with 5/8" BSP Male adaptor (for UK standard)
  • 5m long 630 bar rated Microbore Charging hose with 1615 female to 1620 anti leak (non return) female end.
  • 1620 series gas charging valve to 1/4" BSP male thread.
  • Adaptor options for charging of accumulators with different valves fitted.
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