5401-PCFPU Universal Nitrogen Gas Charging & Testing Kit with Pressure Regulator

The Universal/worldwide gas charging kit with pressure regulator is designed for gas charging a wide selection of accumulator types with nitrogen or to check or reduce existing pre-charge pressure in accumulators. The kit has a vast quantity of adaptors for piston, bladder, and diaphragm accumulators and comes with a high-quality pressure regulator for setting charge pressures.


  • Designed to connect to all common industrial accumulator types: bladder, diaphragm & piston
  • Accumulator charging valve adaptors or connections possible to Minimess® 1620, Minimess® 1615, Hydac style M28x1.5, 5/8” UNF female, 7/8” UNF female (long & short thread), 5/16" UNEF (VG8) female (long & short thread) and 1/4" BSP female
  • 250 bar analogue gauges for accumulator pressure and 400 bar analogue gauge for gas bottle pressure
  • Adjustable valve for setting of charge pressure from 10 to 235 bar
  • W24,32x1/14" female (European standard) nitrogen bottle connection with 5/8" BSP male adaptor (for UK standard)
  • Safe, robust and easy-to-use Minimess® charging & testing connections