Application example #3: Mobile Crane monitoring

  • Remote monitoring for mobile cranes

Application features

  • Boom position
  • Line position
  • Current load
  • Wind speed
  • GPS location
  • Running hours
  • Fuel level
  • Engine speed
  • Oil pressure
  • Oil Temperature
  • Remote alerts
  • Remote shutdown

Application description

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Our third Watchlog Pro application example focuses on mobile cranes, vital to many industries, such as mining, shipping, construction, waste management, etc. As with any essential element within a process, cranes' uptime and efficiency are vital. Incorrect use or inappropriate servicing and maintenance planning can cause unplanned downtime, meaning higher costs than necessary with more insightful planning.

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Safety is paramount in crane operation, both for the safety of the operator and people in the vicinity, for buildings, structures, vehicles, etc., in the immediate area, and for the crane itself. Factors such as wind speed, acceptable loads and the use of the crane while stationary and level can considerably impact general safety and the health of the crane.

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Watchlog Pro offers a cohesive solution for monitoring one or more cranes on the same or multiple sites, and so can be as crucial to plant-hire management as it is to site management. Combining sensor information and making this available through a comprehensive cloud portal allows one or more cranes to be monitored to ensure maintenance, GPS location, and operation are as expected.

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Watchlog Pro solutions offer in-depth monitoring and reporting in as many or as few parameters as you wish. The Pro's adaptability makes it ideal for monitoring light towers, as it can accept nearly any sensor signal, such as CAN Bus, Modbus, and 4...20mA.

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