Charging, testing and regulating devices

Pressure regulators, charging devices, and nitrogen cylinder adaptors are available individually or in our gas charging and testing kits.

Gas charging and testing devices offer safe and accurate control when charging, testing or reducing the pressure in hydraulic accumulators.

  • The 540x Gas Charging and Testing Device with Pressure Reducer Valve is an extremely high-quality regulator allowing connection to the nitrogen cylinder using a W24,32x1/14" and to the accumulator via a hydraulic hose using a Minimess® 1615 test point.
  • The GPS420 series economy Nitrogen pressure regulators are single-stage piston cylinder regulators which offer multiple configurations where slight pressure variation from decreasing cylinder pressure is acceptable.
  • The 1087 Charging and Testing Device is a simple solution to monitor the charging of, or test the existing charge of an accumulator.


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