CT34R economy LED rate meter for flow and RPM sensors

CT34 is a sophisticated new-generation counter equipped with a 6-digit display, which can hold up to 999999 count units or batches, and may have up to 2 programmable relay outputs and an analogue output for alarm signalling or process controlling. СТ34 is available as a counter, as an R.P.M. meter, and as a combination of both. As a counter, this model allows the programming of 7 different counting and output-relay-action modes (including dosing mode) as well as counting pulses or pulse batches.

The R.P.M.-meter variant has 6 operating modes. Besides its counting input, CT34 has 3 additional inputs – CLEAR, GATE, and DIRECTION – and a user-programmable software input filter. Other useful features include fraction number coefficient prescaler and programmable actual and displayed counting directions.

With its various features and flexible programmable internal structure, the CT34 counter is a widely applicable device.


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