Cylinder Pressure Testing Rig for National Auditor

A national component tester/auditor approached Hydrotechnik UK to design, build and commission a test rig to perform hydrostatic tests for certification and component sign off.

After an initial briefing with our technical team they required the test rig to carry out cyclical proportional pressure tests to evaluate component performance and to achieve certification. We designed and built a custom made brushed stainless steel frame to ensure a long working life in a wet environment.

From Concept to Creation…

After an initial briefing with our technical team the company required a user operated test rig to perform proportional pressure test to test durability and mechanical resistance of unvented cylinders.  In addition the rig is designed  to hydrostatically test hydraulic hoses (both braided & un-braided). A full brief was sent over to the customer with a clear time-scaled plan to ensure they were aware of the work carried out.

Our engineering designers created a 3D CAD drawing of the test rig taking into consideration the requested dimensions taken from the initial consultation and the customer’s floor plan.

The test rig is built to work in a temperature-controlled environment. The rig is programmed to carry out cyclical pressure testing capable of cycling down to 2 bar on unvented cylinders and hydraulic hoses to achieve certification:

  • EN 12897 (2006) Unvented Cylinders. Mechanical Resistance and Stability Test: Durability Test
  • EN 13618-1 Hose Assembly - Flexible hose assembly – Part 1: Product Standard for flexible hose assembly (with or without braiding).

The test rig is manufactured under ISO 9001 procedures to the highest engineering standards. 

The PDF below highlights the tests that our test rig carried out as requested from the auditor.

The test rig is user-controlled via the touch screen located on the front of the test rig. 

The rig was supplied with a water power pack and complex valve systems for accurate control of rising and falling pressures. The rig has an external pressure relief valve to stop over pressurisation set at the required maximum loading pressure to protect components during testing. Hydrotechnik UK incorporated calibrated pressure and temperature sensors to capture the temperature whilst testing hoses. An integrated high-speed data logger is able to send graphical data to engineers for future repeatability tests.

Once the test rig had been built testing was carried out on-site to ensure the auditor was pleased with the test rigs capabilities and that it met the requirements set out in the full brief. In order for the test rig to carry out the necessary tests our team custom-made software programmed to record pressure before and after testing.

After installation our technical team spent a day training users to operate both hardware and software procedures.
Since installation the rig has carried out the necessary tests on a wide range of unvented cylinders and hoses from the auditors list of suppliers.

From cyclical pressure testing or brake testing, hydrostatic testing to burst testing whichever test is required Hydrotechnik UK can provide the correct test rig solution.

Find out how Hydrotechnik UK have built a right test rig solution for a wide range of companies in our case studies or alternatively watch one of our valued customers.

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