Digital Pressure Gauges & Displays

Our comprehensive range of hydraulic pressure testing equipment is of the highest quality and makes hydraulic testing much easier and extremely accurate.

  • HTE2 series 75mm digital pressure gauges with ±0.5% accuracy up to 1000 bar. Numerical & 0-100% bar graph display. Backlight. Min/max storage. 2 x AA batteries.
  • HTPS & PS210 series stylish pressure switches / gauges up to 700 bar, with two settable switch values. 4-20mA & 0-10V output. 15...30Vdc external power required.
  • SEG1060 series LED high speed panel mounting displays for frequency or analogue signals
  • MultiPanel 2025 panel mounting display with 2 channel input, 3 channel display (delta P, power kW). 120,000 values datalogging & 4-20mA outputs.
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