Dn2 & Dn4 Microbore hose material

  • dn2/dn4 hose materials

Microbore hose is available in 2mm (Dn2 Microbore hose) and 4mm (Dn4 Microbore hose) internal diameter up to 630 bar working pressure. The hose material is extremely flexible, lightweight and can be specified for a large range of uses.

Dn2 = 2mm ID x 5mm OD polyamide construction with synthetic fibre braid (stainless steel braided PTFE bore option also available)

Dn4 = 4mm ID x 8mm OD polyamide construction with synthetic fibre braid

DN2 & DN4 Product Matrix

  SizeDesignMax PressureBurst PressureIDODMin. Bend RadiusTemperature
DN2Standard 400 perforated hose400 Bar1040 Bar2mm5mm20mm-20°C to +100°C
DN2Low temperature perforated hose 630 Bar1950 Bar2mm5mm20mm-54°C to + 100°C
DN2Stainless Steel Braided PTFE Bore450 Bar1350 Bar2mm5mm13mm-70°C to + 260°C
DN4Standard 315 perforated hose315 Bar810 Bar4mm8mm40mm-20°C to +100°C
DN4Standard 450 perforated hose450 Bar1500 Bar4mm8mm40mm-20°C to +100°C


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