ET series Inline Tension Link

The ET series of inline tension is a lightweight but heavy duty sensor which can measure the load of an object under tension. 4-20mA output of measuring ranges up to 500 tonne, allow for easy data acquisition of measured tension values.


  • 0...1 up to 0...500 tonne measuring range
  • Use with a standard shackle
  • Sealed to IP66 standard
  • Integral electrical connector
  • Robust Construction
  • 4-20mA signal output
  • Lightweight construction


  • Easily connect to Hydrotechnik instruments for further analysis and display
  • Protect hydraulic cranes, lifting equipment from overload causing costly downtime


Pressure, Temperature, Flow, RPM, Vibration, Force, Torque & Position Sensors for Hydrotechnik Test Equipment

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