We are able to calibrate the following Foxboro products:

  • Foxboro Flowmeter    
  • 100mm Vortex Flowmeter    
  • 141GP Pressure Transmitter    
  • 143DP Pressure Transmitter    
  • 150mm Vortex Flowmeter    
  • 2AT-CAL Multifunction Calibrator    
  • 3-82F6E4-A Flowmeter Liquid    
  • 43AP Controller, Pneumatic    
  • 823DP Differential Pressure Transmitter    
  • 83W-A02S1SSTNZ Vortex Flowmeter    
  • E13DM Differential Pressure Transmitter    
  • E83WA-02S5TTZZZ Vortex Flowmeter    
  • IAP20-022C210-M1KIT Transmitter    
  • IDP10 Pressure Transmitter    
  • Miran 203 Mobile Containment Test System    
  • PC-89 Oscillator

Please call us on +44(0)1159 003550 or email to discuss your requirements.

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