HPM-10 Series SMART (HART) Pressure Transmitter With Display. DNV, ATEX & SIL options

Pressure transmitter with display for the highly accurate measurement of gases, vapors, and liquids. Available with many connections and certification options to suit a wide range of applications such as oil & gas, food, pharmaceutical, marine, chemical, ATEX, and many more.

  • Ranges include vacuum, compound & 0...25 mbar up to 0...1000 bar
  • Gauge, vacuum/compound, and absolute versions
  • Full-scale accuracy from < ±0.075%
  • HART protocol output
  • SIL 2 certification option
  • ATEX and IECEX certification options (Exia and Exd)
  • Marine certificate option (DNV/BV) option
  • PED certification option
  • Flush diaphragm options