HT-CPT-20SD1 Cryogenic Liquid Hydrogen Pressure Sensor

Ultra-low temperature pressure sensor for Liquid Hydrogen, Nitrogen, Helium & Oxygen.

  • Media temperatures down to -260°C
  • Ultra-low temperature Hydrogen compatible pressure sensor
  • Compatible with liquid oxygen, liquid nitrogen, liquid hydrogen, liquid helium etc
  • 0...5vdc, 0...10vdc, 4...20mA, HART & RS485 output options
  • Multiple thread and pressure range options
  • IP65 or IP67 rated

Please see the datasheet attached to this page for further technical information.

Ordering Code

Pressure type Replace X with
Absolute pressure A
Gauge pressure G
Pressure range Replace YYY with
0...2 bar 002
0...150 bar 150
0...600 bar 600
Signal output Replace ZZZ with
0...5 VDC 005
0...10 VDC 010
0...600 bar 420
RS485 and HART available on request
Accuracy Replace AAA with
±0.25 FS 025
±0.5 FS 050
Operating temperature Replace BBB with
-196°C...+125°C 196
-210°C...+125°C 210
-252°C...+125°C 252
-260C...+125°C available on request
Thread type Replace CCC with
M8x1 M08
M10x1 M10
M12x1 M12
M20x1 M20
1/4"NPT N14
1/2"NPT N12
Enclosure rating Replace DDD with
IP65 65
IP67 67
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