Industrial & automotive pressure transducers

For general industrial and automotive applications, a variety of standard product specifications and configurations from 10mbar to 4000 bar Gauge, vacuum and absolute ranges are also available. Outputs include 2 wire or 3 wire voltage (fixed or ratiometric), current loop (4-20mA) and electronic switch (npn/pnp). 

• HT-SML series: Pressure ranges from -1 barg to 1000 barg FS
• HT-SIL series: Low pressure ranges from 10mbarg to 40 barg FS
• HT-SMH series: High pressure ranges from 1000 to 4000 barg FS
• HT- DS5 series: Pressure switch – ranges from 0.6 to 2000 barg FS

Example applications:

Hydraulics & Pneumatics
Industrial Machinery
Plant Engineering
Refrigeration & HVAC


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