HT-WLBL Watchlog Bluetooth-Plus Hydrostatic Level Sensors

Watchlog Bluetooth-Plus sensors send level readings straight to your mobile device or tablet, making multi-channel wireless level monitoring affordable for small-scale applications. Readings can be transmitted at rates of 100ms up to 10s over distances of up to 90m.

The hydrostatic level sensor is available with pressure ranges from 0...0.15 mH20 up to 0...3 mH20 and cable lengths from 1.5m up to 4m, with other pressure ranges and cable lengths are available on request.

A powerful app allows up to 12 sensors to be read simultaneously, available for Android and iOS.  The app also allows for data logging, alarming and capturing minimum/maximum values, for more information and instructional videos visit the Watchlog Bluetooth App page.


  • HT-WLBL Watchlog Bluetooth Plus Hydrostatic Level Sensors dimensions

Please see datasheet attached to this page for further technical information.

Order code

Level range *Replace XXXX with
0...0.5 mH20 0025
0...160 mH20 0160
0...400 mH20 0400
0...700 mH20 0700
Cable length *Replace Z.Z with
1.5 meters 1.5
2.0 meters 2.0
3.0 meters 3.0
4.0 meters 4.0

Mobile app downloads

Download the Watchlog Bluetooth App for Mobile phone or tablet below.

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