HTLS3000 Level Transmitters & switches

The HTLS3000 Series is characterised by a display panel measuring 110mm by 41mm, which enables compact installation of multiple switches. Its angled top design is an aesthetically pleasing functional highlight.

The HTLS3000 combines all features of a modern switch series. Industry experience and intensive market research have driven the production of a flexible, operationally convenient and compact industrial design. The HTLS3000 series pressure switches offer many options of mechanical & electrical connections and level ranges from 250mm to 1000mm


• Resolution: 5 mm
• Redundant measurement system
• Direct measurement
• Capable of measuring media of density > 0.6g/cmÑ that is compatible with float material e.g. hydraulic oils, water, coolants even with foaming
• Total length (L0): 250 - 1000 mm
• Max. 2 switch points
• Analogue output 4...20 mA or 0...10 V
• Rotatable 320° display & electrical connection
• Menu navigation refers to VDMA standard


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