HTSM-30 Series Temperature Sensor with Integrated Protection Tube or Additional Thermowell with DNV Option

The HTSM-30 series temperature sensor is offered in two main designs: one with an integrated protection tube and one designed to fit into a thermowell.

In both instances, the sensors are equipped with spring-loaded measuring inserts which are interchangeable. This enables inspection or replacement without the need to stop or drain any process. Depending on the application/measuring range, the sensing element will be either an RTD (resistance temperature detector), more commonly defined as PT100/PT1000, or a thermocouple such as K type or J type. The temperature sensors can also come with an optional head-mounted transmitter to convert the signal to 4-20mA output.

Sensors are suitable for gases and liquids and come with a wide range of threads, housings, stem lengths and temperature ranges, plus approvals such as ATEX Exia & Exd, DNV & SIL 2.

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