Hydraulic and Electrical Circuit Vehicle Testing Rigs

A world-renown plant and agricultural machinery manufacturer has been supplying market leading products for over 75 years, covering a multitude of industries, including agricultural and military. The manufacturer contacted Hydrotechnik UK first, due to the longstanding relationship of supplying and supporting test and measurement equipment.

From design to delivery Hydrotechnik UK, supplied two simulation rigs to load up and monitor the vehicle's hydraulic and electrical connections, which that can be made with a wide array of towed equipment. The customer's production line staff are now able to test the operation of up to; two external hydraulic brake circuits, four external auxiliary hydraulic lines and two trailer electrical sockets – lights and EBS. Housed in 316 stainless steel and incorporating custom-made software, the test rigs can be connected via hose and cable reels to test the connections. Such hoses and cables are laid out in such a way that it mirrors the vehicles layout, preventing any cross over or tangling.

At the heart of the rig lies sophisticated software, which reads 4-20mA analogue input cards, displaying the output of the test rigs' highly accurate pressure sensors. The software allows you to recalculate new valves, if required. Designed with a pair of 4-way trailer light clusters mounted on it, mirroring the lighting system on the back of the machine, this is a deliberate way of testing the machine, so they can remain in the cab. Once testing has begun, a simple green/red traffic light system indicates when a test circuit has passed (green) or failed (red).

Overall, the customer can immediately see whether the all the vehicle's rear circuits, both hydraulic and electrical function within expected parameters. After delivering both test rigs to the manufacturing plant, they have become an integral part of the vehicle testing and sign-off process. The rig enables them to quickly and correctly test the connections at the rear of the vehicles, as they come off the product line.

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