HYDROcenter for PC software and Instrument Firmware Management

HYDROcenter allows for download of HYDROcom 6, HYDROlink 6 and all associated instrument firmware, datasheets and manuals. It manages the process of keeping both your Hydrotechnik PC software and your device firmware up to date automatically, by checking installed software versions or connected instrument version, saving you time and ensuring the process is as straight forward as possible. Updating of software or firmware requires internet connection, which is quick and easy. Using HYDROcenter ensures latest versions of software and firmware keep your measuring equipment at optimum performance.

HYDROcenter makes the initial setup of your measuring instruments straight forward, as well as their ongoing management, and gives you full control over whether updates occur automatically or require manual confirmation.


  • Carry out the initial download and setup of Hydrotechnik software.
  • Keep your Hydrotechnik instruments and software up to date with the latest software (requires internet connection).
  • Receive notifications when software and firmware updates become available.
  • Access the latest datasheets and manuals for your measuring instruments and software.


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