HYDROlink 6 Recording and Control Software for Hydrotechnik Measuring Instruments

HYDROlink 6 allows wired or wireless remote operation of Hydrotechnik measuring instruments, using your Windows PC. This allows the management and operation of your instruments from a central location, or in environments where your presence near the instrument is not possible. Full functionality of the instrument is available from within HYDROlink for the MultiSystem 8050, 5060, 5060plus and the new MultiSystem 5070. Various wired and wireless methods of connection over varying distances are supported. Data can be viewed in real-time graphically, numerically or as gauge style values with up to 240 channels viewable.

HYDROlink 6 Advanced is provided free of charge with MultiControl 8050 instruments and is available as an additional purchase for all other instruments.

Data from your instrument can be viewed and recorded using HYDROlink 6 and saved on your PC locally, ready for further analysis, exporting, reporting or for deeper editing using HYDROcom 6.

To download the latest version of HYDROlink 6, please click the link to the right or use HYDROcenter as your download tool.

Feature Value
Connection options Bluetooth, USB, RS232, TCP/IP
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for Advanced version
(single user license)