Hydrotechnik Hoses hit the highest peak

A true modern day adventurer Ted Atkins had climbed Mount Everest a number of times and had a vision of making the climb more accessible for everyone to share his passion for the great mountain.

Mountain climbers

Ted Atkins is a business owner, adventurer, and has been involved in High Altitude mountaineering since 1983. It was on a climb to the summit of Mount Everest that Ted realised that the oxygen system was not only wasteful, but also dangerously inadequate. It was for this reason that he started his business Topout UK Ltd.

Topout UK Ltd vision was to specifically manufacture and build a new high altitude oxygen delivery versatile system to take climbing.

In order to ensure the design has leak free capabilities Ted contacted Hydrotechnik UK Ltd.  Hydrotechnik UK Ltd is based in Nottingham and is a leading supplier in all hydraulic test and measurement equipment. The design required a hose assembly that would not leak for charging the mask system with Oxygen. Hydrotechnik were able to supply the Microbore hose assembly to the exact configuration required. The Microbore hose in question was our Dn2 hose, a perforated 2mm bore polyamide hose for gaseous or liquid media which is extremely lightweight and flexible, suitable for working pressures up to 630 bar. Hydrotechnik helped finalise the concept of this revolutionary piece of equipment, the Topout mask. This type of innovative technology will be the first of its kind in Nepal.

The Topout mask has a servicing record attached to it and a unique serial number attributed to the purchaser. Masks are recalled for service every season and a new sticker applied to show service in date. No other system has this pedigree. Topout UK Ltd will also be one of the few legitimate trading western companies in this hostile environment.  All the systems meet the sufficient quality standards and is CE certified equipment with guaranteed oxygen quality.

Ted Atkins, Owner Topout Ltd

“I visited the British Embassy last week for a chat with the Ambassador and he is impressed that we have brought a new industry to Nepal. when I was stuck having ordered the wrong end fittings (my error) and I was leaving for Kathmandu the next day Hydrotechnik fixed it for me instantly a truly British initiative that could not have been done without the help of Hydrotechnik, thanks again for a great result, truly appreciated!’

If you would like Hydrotechnik to supply you with our custom made Microbore hoses contact one of our technical sales experts today: 0115 9003550.