Leak testing rig for aerospace components

Hydrotechnik UK worked alongside a leading metal finishing and testing company to design, custom build and commission a pressure and leak test bed for aerospace components. Having seen our previous test rig work and library of previous test rig builds on our website they decided to give our technical team a call. After an initial discussion they decided upon a variable controlled leak test system capable of pressure testing the material finish of aerospace components with air and also when submerged under water.

What is the main function of the test bed?

The pneumatic air powered test bed’s primary function is to pressure test the material finishing of aerospace components with air when submerged under water in a custom made tank to the customer’s specification.

Using Hydrotechnik’s PR100 calibrated pressure transducer the 10 port manifold is able to test 10 pieces from 4Psi to 200Psi at the same time with clean air. Each pressure test can be set and manually regulated using the control valves on the control panel. Hydrotechnik’s pressure gauges and LED SEG1060 display’s current pressure, peak pressure and low pressure indicating a simple ‘pass’ or ‘fail’ for the test pieces.

Once the pressure test is completed the test pieces are able to be submerged under water for a visual indication of leaks, the built in tank is made to customer requirement.   

The table top test bench was designed using the latest 3D CAD software and manufactured under ISO9001 procedures to the highest engineering standards. The test bed is supplied with a 230V power supply. The unit is enclosed in a 316 stainless steel frame and polycarbonate protective screen for safety. After installation and proof testing operator training was carried out, ensuring the customer understands operational procedures of the system.

The test bed is now an important part of the company’s testing facilities enabling pressure testing of a higher quantity of test pieces.

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