Minimess® 1604 Female to Female threaded Gauge Adaptors

Connects BSP or NPT threaded Gauges direct to Minimess® 1604 test points enabling connection and disconnection from the test point under full pressure.

Stainless steel material also available.

Pressure rating: 630 Bar (9000psi)

Minimess 1604 female gauge adaptors ordering codes


p max

ISO 228-G 1/46302106-07-11.62
ISO 228-G 1/26302106-07-12.62
  • Applications with plastic cap (standard) & for both sealing materials:- 20°C to +100°C
  • Applications with metal cap & sealings out of NBR (Buna N):- 25°C to + 100°C
  • Applications with metal cap & sealings out of FKM (Viton) option: -20°C to +200°C

Minimess Pressure Test Points & Adaptors

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