Minimess 1615 gas charging valves

Hydrotechnik offer a range of High Quality Gas Charging Valves and Test Points suitable for use with most gases in the Minimess 1615 series design.

Our Minimess gas charging valve are manufactured with very precise internal tolerances to give maximum sealing integrity, not possible with standard Minimess test points.

Manufactured in 1.4571 (316Ti) or 1.4104 stainless steel grades with special Compound Viton or Buna Nitrile sealing gives high performance in the harshest of environments.

Options include:

  • Screw in threads of M14x1.5, ISO228-G1/4" BSP, 1/2"-20 UNF or 9/16"-18 UNF
  • Special versions for subsea operation to 4000m depth
  • Operating temperatures of -20° to + 135°C, -30° to +80°C or -40° to +135°C
  • Individual testing with Nitrogen at -33°C or -46°C at 60 bar or Helium at 500mbar.
  • 100% Pressure Testing
  • 100% Helium Odour Test
  • 100% Cryogenic testing at -40°C
  • 3.1B Certificates included.
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