MinimessXtreme® high pressure mating adaptors

This adapter is suitable for connecting 
pipes, hose lines or other components
 with 1/4" - 58° sealing cone and
 9/16"-18 UNF threaded stud.

Part Number: MAA7-CVU1-D1M1

This adapter is suitable to connect
 pressure sensors, hose assemblies or 
other components with ISO228- G1/4
 Type F stud end.

Part Number: MAA7-CVU1-F1M1

This adapter is suitable for connecting
 pressure sensors or other components
 with M18x1.5 screw-in stud and 58°
 sealing cone.

Part Number: MAA7-CVU1-D3M1

MinimessXtreme® high pressure mating adapters are for use with MinimessXtreme high pressure test points.

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