MultiPanel 2025 two channel display & datalogger

The new MultiPanel 2025 is a sophisticated control panel designed to monitor and display test data over time. With two switchable measuring channels and a 3rd differential or P(kW) channel the Multipanel 2025 can display & record two different parameters over time with up to 60,000 readings per test. Scan rates are 1ms to 10s offering short high resolution testing or longer term recording.

With built-in functions for measuring many different sensor types, the ability to trigger input, output and a relay switching output, this is the perfect tool for testing and measuring a wide range of sensors on test rigs or production machinery.

It has two universal signal inputs for standard analogue signals (0/4..20mA, 0/2...10 V) or frequency pulse signals, enabling limitless connectivity. For further analyses a USB port enables all recorded data to be transfered to a PC, download our HYDROcom or HYDROlink control software and take control of the MultiPanel 2025 modules via the PC.


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