MultiSystem 4010 Datalogger & kits

Professional hand held hydraulic datalogger for detailed hydraulic system diagnosis

The all new MultiSystem 4010 is the first in the series of our MultiSystem range of hydraulic hand held dataloggers with all the functions and qualities that measurement technicians demand from mobile measuring systems. With five input channels, digital I/O, optional CAN channels, full HYDROcom 6 software, 2Gb SD card data storage and USB interface, the MultiSystem 4010 opens up even more extensive possibilities within professional measurement technology.

Complete Measuring Kits are also available (see kits section for more details) with Pressure, Temperature & Flow turbine sensor configurations but you can tailor your own kit to your needs. Visit out Sensor section for available test sensors and create your own kit! Our kit accessories section carries other options such as special carry cases, cable lengths, chargers etc.

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