MultiXtend f for 1x Frequency Signal

Use this module to connect an extra frequency (square wave PnP pulse) signal. The sensor signal is digitised and transmitted via CAN bus to the measuring instrument. Each MultiXtend f provides a frequency input for connecting to your MultiSystem 4010 (if CAN version), MultiSystem 5060plus or MultiSystem 8050 series dataloggers.

These may be connected in series to create a CAN bus line with, in theory, almost limitless extra channels.

Feature Value
Input signal 10...4000Hz
Scanning rate 50Hz
Output signal CANopen
Supply voltage 9...36Vdc
Order code 316A-A0-00.60
Accessories Order code
MultiXtend connection cable for MultiSystem 8050 (5m) 8824-N1-05.00
MultiXtend connection cable for MultiSystem 5060 (not plus) (5m) 8824-M5-05.00
MultiXtend connection cable for MultiSystem
4010, 5060plus and 5070 (5m)
MultiXtend power supply 8812-00-00.34


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