MultiXtend UI for measurement of voltage and current signals

MultiXtend UI converts voltage or current measurements into standard 0...20mA signal outputs for all Hydrotechnik and universal measuring instruments.

The measuring inputs are separated galvanically and a PWM filter can be enabled (±60Vdc model).

FeatureLow resistive
with PWM filter
High resistive
Measuring range voltage±30Vdc±60Vdc
Measuring range current±2Adc±4Adc
Input resistor0.05Ω0.1Ω
Output signal0...20mA
Supply voltage13...30Vdc
Measuring error<±1% of final value
Zero valueat output signal 10mA
Order code316A-A0-00.20316A-A0-00.30
AccessoriesOrder code
Instrument connection cable (2.5m)8824-S1-02.50
Instrument connection cable (5.0m)8824-S1-05.00
Replacement 2A fuse for 316A-00-00.208829-01-00.13
Replacement 4A fuse for 316A-00-00.308829-01-00.17