N2 Service Pal. Accurate all-in-one digital Nitrogen testing and charging kit with datalogging

The ideal field service tool for accumulator service engineers. Minimess connections for quick, safe and reliable testing & charging of accumulator pressures. Quickly set target pressure for rapid charging. Digital LCD readout for accurate pressure & temperature values with easy to use datalogging for traceability.

  • Unique all-in-one testing, charging & recording device
  • Easy to operate & very accurate, uses digital sensors
  • Fine control of charging pressures 1...120 or 10...230 bar regulator options
  • Target pressure/over pressure warnings
  • Full data logging for traceability/reporting
  • Temperature compensation alert & lookup table
  • Easy to use & safe tool free Minimess® connections

Martin Williamson of Kew Engineering has unboxed and reviewed our N2 service Pal and uploaded the video to their Youtube. Watch it here!


The N2 Service Pal has all the features an engineer needs for safe testing and charging of Nitrogen Accumulators with data logging, target pressure alerts and temperature comparison warnings.

  1. Bright LCD Readout displays accurate Pressure and Temperature information.
  2. Rechargeable battery indicator.
  3. Easy menu system for quick and easy access to settings and operations.
  4. Simple start/stop operation for datalogging of processes.
  5. Lid and base storage space for accumulator adaptors, battery charger, charging hoses and documents etc.
  6. Discharge valve - Set & check target pressures before final release to the accumulator.
  7. Charge pressure - Fine control adjustment valve for ultra control of critical charge pressure values.
  8. Tough IP67 case - Weatherproof case for harsh field environments

Ordering codes

Pressure regulator
operating range
*Replace XXX with
1...120 bar 120
10...230 bar 230
  • N2 Service Pal Details
    Manufactured bylogo Includinglogo


Connection to
*Replace Y with
Minimess 1620 (standard) X
Minimess 1615 A
M28x1.5 B
5/8"-18 UNF C
5/16”-32 UNEF / VG8 female (short) D
5/16”-32 UNEF / VG8 female (long) E
7/8”-14 UNF female (short) F
7/8”-14 UNF female (long with pin) G
1/4” BSP female (with pin) H
Universal (all of the above) U
Connection to
nitrogen bottle
*Replace Z with
G5/8" BSP bullnose male (standard) B
W24,32x1/14" female W
W30x2 Nevoc female N
Other country Nitrogen bottle
adaptors available on request
Charging hose length
*Replace A.A with
2.5m long (standard) 2.5
5m 5
10m 10
Any length available on request

N2 Service Pal Dimensions

  • N2 Service Pal Dimensions
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