Custom made Minimess Bleed and Sampling Kit proves popular

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The damaging effects of air on hydraulic systemsOne of the greatest attributes of a hydraulically powered system is instant and accurate response time. This can only be achieved if all of the components are within tolerance and there is no air in the system which can absorb power. It is therefore important to bleed all air out of any given system.

Air can lead to many issues:

  • Spongy controls – air slows down response times as it absorbs pressure that should be directly delivered to components
  • Loss of system fluid – the life blood of the hydraulic machine can lose the quantity of reservoir fluid. The level of system fluid is important as it has to be at the right level for pumps to operate
  • Foaming – this normally occurs in the reservoir because of entrained air bubbles. Foaming also results from dissolved air being released because of an increase in fluid temperature. Foaming affects system performance because fluid entering the pump is no longer “solid” but an air-oil mixture, which causes cavitation and also results in a spongy system.

Minimess Bleed & Sampling KitMinimess test points are typically used as high pressure access points to take system pressures however, they are also perfectly suited as bleeding valves.  Hydrotechnik sell several Minimess bleed kits which consist of test points and microbore hoses as well as  valve arrangements to control the take off. 


  • Minimess test points for safe connectivity at up to 630 bar
  • Suitable for high pressure bleeding – working up to 630 bar
  • Flexible and light weight microbore hoses specified for gases, oils, water etc.


  • Bleeding air helps improve system performance and can help to reduce costly faults further down the line
  • Minimess test points life-time leak free guarantee are designed with a positive ‘O’ ring and poppet seal design suitable for high pressure applications such as earth moving construction machinery or where high pressures, temperatures and vibration could cause standard test points to fail.

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