Hydraulic motor test rig tests torque, flow, speed and pressure

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Hydrotechnik UK are proud to expand on their test rig design and build service, having recently installed their latest test rig – a custom designed and built hydraulic test rig specified to test the performance and reliability of hydraulic motors.

Hydraulic motor testing bench

With the help of our sister company Filtertechnik and UK Flowtechink the best filters and flow metres were selected.

Our customer in question, KPEC have been successfully repairing motors for the past 20 years but were now looking to step up their investment into their testing facilities to continue to provide high performance hydraulic motors for their end users.

In order to make sure that repaired and refurbished motor meets standards - each hydraulic motor goes through a series of efficiency tests. Each test requires live readings to be displayed for thorough analysis. KPEC required the hydraulic motor testing rig to be able to display:

  • Motor Torque
  • Case Flow when required
  • System Flow Rate
  • Motor Speed
  • Pump Speed
  • Loading Pressure
  • System Pressure
  • System Oil Temperature

The test rig had to be user-operated with variable flows up to 100 litres per minute at a maximum settable pressure of 300 bar with a torque load of up to 1100Nm. All this data needed to be captured for further analysis, our MultiSystem 5060Plus fitted the bill perfectly offering Eight input and 24 channels of data can be recorded.

As with all of our test rigs Hydrotechnik carry out in-house testing to the customers specification – before delivery to make sure the rig fully meets the required specification.

As part of our turn-key service we provide complete software and hardware training for the test rig users which we carry out on installation.

After installation, the user-operated hydraulic test rig provided a much more accurate, efficient and productive testing solution enabling a higher volume of hydraulic motors to be tested and re-sold.

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