Hydrotechnik Launch N2 Service Pal

Ease of use, digital accuracy, datalogging and full traceability when charging Nitrogen Accumulators

  • N2 Service Pal
Hydrotechnik are proud to launch a revolutionary new Nitrogen Gas charging kit designed for accurately charging high and low-pressure accumulators.  Designed to be completely self-contained the N2 Service Pal suits 99% of all accumulators. Easy to use and extremely safe using Minimess Gas charging valves and hoses capable of 630Bar working pressure the N2 Service Pal is a completely self-contained service tool for Accumulator charging and datalogging of results.

Two regulator options are available 1...120 Bar or 10...230 Bar.

Fully digital pressure and temperature sensors give highly accurate readings allowing Engineers to accurately pre-set target accumulator pressures before releasing gas to the accumulator.  The pressure sensor is matched to the regulator selected to ensure accurate results.  In addition, an engineer can set a target pressure and press a button to give an LED indication of when target pressure has been achieved on the accumulator (Red/Green).

A built-in temperature sensor alerts Engineers to low or high temperatures when a compensation pressure will need to be applied due to temperature change, (a compensation chart is supplied with each kit).

Target pressures and accumulator fill pressures can all be recorded and logged on the internal memory.  Serial or Job numbers can be added to each charging event to keep a record of work completed; these results can then be downloaded as .csv files for analysis later. Temperatures are also recorded.

If multiple accumulators need to be charged and the pressure is the same across all accumulators the N2 Service Pal really comes into its own saving valuable time as the pre-set pressure remains set until switched off or re-set.

The N2 Service pal is powered by rechargeable batteries giving 40+ hours of continuous life, charging takes 2-3 hours.

Microbore hoses to connect between the gas bottle and N2 Service Pal and the N2 Service Pal and the accumulator are included, the gas charging hose also has a non-return valve to ensure limited gas release/wastage. Adaptors for 99% of all accumulators and gas bottle connections are also available from Hydrotechnik, these can be carried in the N2 Service Pal’s internal carry pockets.

The N2 Service Pal is the latest addition to Hydrotechnik UK’s accumulator charging kits.  Analogue and digital kits are available from stock from Hydrotechnik to suit all budgets and service requirements.

Read more about the N2 Service Pal on the dedicated product page or for further information contact Hydrotechnik: sales@hydrotechnik.co.uk

  • N2 Service Pal interface


  1. Gas bottle pressure gauge
  2. LCD display
  3. Start recording a test
  4. Outlet bleed valve
  5. Nitrogen gas outlet port
  6. High pressure control valve
  7. Discharge pressure to accumulator valve
  8. Nitrogen gas inlet port
  9. Press set/achieved alert
  10. Temperature alert
  11. Inlet bleed valve