Hydrotechnik's 5060Plus help Terex to service their rock crushers

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We are always happy to hear from our customers especially when it is product feedback. The off-road construction market often specify our series of MultiHandy & Multisystem portable measurement instruments from 2 to 40 channels for hydraulic servicing, R & D and proactive maintenance. Terex - a well-known manufacturer of rock-crushers have been using our data loggers for some time. One of their senior test engineers spent their time to let us know what they thought of our equipment - 

“I have been using the 5060Plus datalogger for eight or nine years with Terex and it has proven to be one of the most comprehensive, accurate and flexible pieces of test equipment at our disposal. The device was initially used to measure and identify pressure spikes and as our understanding and confidence level has grown we have used the device to measure a host of other parameters including flow, temperature, rotational speed and engine performance through CAN.

One of the device’s best features is it’s mobility, a great deal of our work is carried out at sites well away from the workshop but the 5060 can be carried to site, set up and start recording useful data in a few minutes”.

Peter Markey – Senior Test Engineer – Terex

Peter shared some great pictures of the 5060Plus logging hydraulic parameters on one of their rock crushers.

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