Hydrotechnik's test rig helps a renown manufacturer of fire protection products leak test suppression valves

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Hydrotechnik UK recently delivered their latest pressure and flow testing rig to a renown manufacturer of fire protection products. The hydrostatic testing rig leak tests fire suppression valves to ensure they meet the regulatory standards before they can be sold. Having purchased a couple of handheld hydraulic data loggers in the past they then came across our wide range of testing rigs on our website and saw that we supply both hydraulic and hydrostatic testing rigs to aid manufacturers test their products at the end of production.

After a discussion with our experienced test rig team they outlined their requirements -

  • Pressure test for leaks up to 600 Bar
  • Operator led software
  • A bunded water tank with level gauge
  • Measure flow rates of 5 l/min
  • Remove remaining fluid after the test is carried out
  • Three different test bays
  • Serviceable tank

Superior design & build

With all the test rigs that we design and build, safety and functionality are paramount. With a stainless finish, fully bunded test area finished with gas struts for smooth opening and closing and safety polycarbonate viewing windows and powerful LED light fittings the operator is protected.


Hydrotechnik UK have been supplying hydraulic test and measurement instrumentation for over 25 years to leading companies. They required the fire suppression valve to be pressure tested and the flow to be measured. We fitted UKAS calibrated PR140 pressure sensors to the rig providing accurate rising and falling pressures.

Minimess test points were the chosen for leak-free pressure testing. Proportional valves are fitted to control the flow direction of the water, flow volume and pressure on the components.

The testing rig is also fitted with an air purge / heat circuit to remove the majority of the contained fluid after the tests have been carried out.

Advanced software made simple

Our in-house test rig team have the expertise and experience to develop software to suit. We tailor made the software in-house in partnership with the company.

The operator is taken step by step through the testing procedure from start to finish. From setting the pressure and flow to displaying the rising and falling pressures and flow rate whilst the test is carried out. All data can be transferred with ease with the built in USB port. The test rig has been designed and built at our testing facilities in Nottingham.

Carrying out pre-determined tests

After each test rig is built our customer come on-site and carry out tests to their specifications to ensure the rig performs as expected.

Installation & training

After installation the company are now able to test more fire suppression valves to ensure they meet all safety regulations and can be sold. All operators are trained in both hardware and software procedures after installation.

From concept to creation 

From concept to creation we take our customers through each step of our design & build process. Each of our customers are kept up to date every step of the way with the progress of our rig and are always able to visit the rig at our nottingham site at anytime during the build. Each test rig is built to the highest engineering standard and full operational training is provided so that operators can use the rig as it arrives on site.