Introduction from Davide Scaffidi, our new International Business Development Manager

I would like to take this opportunity to introduce myself as the new International Business Development Manager for Hydrotechnik UK Ltd. We are an independent distributor and manufacturer providing analogue & digital test sensors & equipment for hydraulic, industrial process, petrochemical, automotive & offshore industries.

Hydrotechnik UK Ltd are the largest distributor of Hydrotechnik GmbH test equipment and manufacture many additional test equipment solutions to complement the core Hydrotechnik GmbH offering.

We are looking for international dealers to represent our own test equipment & sensors and below is an overview of the product lines we would like to discuss possible representation of in your territory.

I hope these are of interest and I look forward to hearing from you in due course. I am available at your convenience to discuss further.

  • Watchlog USB
  • Watchlog Bluetooth®
  • Watchlog Wireless
  • Watchlog Vision Cloud
Watchlog USB, Bluetooth & Wireless sensors & software.

Watchlog USB is a new generation of sensors and datalogging solutions from Hydrotechnik UK, using our Watchlog USB pressure sensors with transmission rates of up to 500 times per second. Watchlog USB software is provided free of charge for use on Windows tablets/PC's and allows for low cost graphical or numerical real time monitoring and logging of tests.

Watchlog Bluetooth® is a new generation of short range wireless measurement of pressure, designed to work with iOS and Android mobile devices, as well as iPads and Android tablets. Our powerful free app lets users create custom projects and customisable dashboards to display values and log data.

Watchlog Wireless is our short to medium (800m to 1.6km) wireless transmission system for pressure, temperature, level, flow, position, force etc. Wireless data can be integrated in to existing customer systems, via PC/Laptop or through the cloud for remote web monitoring. Watchlog Wireless Windows tablet/PC software is supplied with all sensors, which has powerful data visualisation features and datalogging capabilities.

Watchlog Vision Cloud is our cloud software sensor monitoring service for remote monitoring of Watchlog sensors in operation. User friendly operation allows for editable visuals, alarms and notifications. All data is logged for quality assurance and easily accessed at any time. Data can be transmitted to the cloud using Ethernet, Wi-fi and cellular modules.

Accumulator charging & testing equipment.

  • Accumulator charging & testing equipment
A large range of competitive nitrogen accumulator gas charging & testing kits specifically for general industrial & mobile hydraulic applications. The kits all operate using the Minimess connection technology with kits available to suit almost all modern accumulators. Kits range from basic low cost versions up to unique digital service units with integral pressure regulating & LCD display with logging & alarms.

  • Analogue Minimess® pressure test kits & microbore hoses
Analogue Minimess® pressure test kits & microbore hoses.

A huge range of Minimess® pressure test kits with a wide range of adaptors to suit all thread & pipe standards. We specialise in providing a large selection of test point adaptors allowing for connection to most industrial, agricultural, construction & heavy plant machinery test point variants. Our in house microbore assembly service provides a large range of high pressure microbore hoses with massive selection of end fittings, from stock.

Flow, pressure, temperature & level sensors for OEM, process & industrial applications. Data acquistion systems.

  • Flow, pressure, temperature & level sensors
Hydrotechnik UK offer many sensor solutions for a wide range of markets and to suit many certification requirements. For over 30 years we have built up our expertise and supply network to offer high quality flow, pressure, temperature and level sensing solutions} for many diverse industries & applications. Hydrotechnik Uk also build and design bespoke data acquisition systems with in house software capabilities delivering customer specific instrumentation solutions.