Sweeping away production delays

  • end of production testing rig

After moving additional production to the U.K to meet the increased demand for advanced road sweepers, another suitable rig was required to display, log and record machine component and performance tests. 

After the successful installation of our previous end of line production measuring and data logging station, an enhanced version was commissioned for this important production area to include for bespoke step by step operator software as well as the multiple testing capabilities of the test station itself. 

The test rig displays the pressure, temperature, flow rate, torque and RPM providing continual monitoring and data acquisition. With multi-channel connectivity up to 40 channels, any combination of data can be recorded and archived through the HYDROlink PC operating software. Find out more about our software solutions by downloading the PDF below.

With the additional step by step testing program using the further integrated HYDROgen and HYDROrun software, testing programs can be tailored so procedures can be carried out with the minimum of training required, providing even faster work flow!

For each and every customer, we work with a simple no-nonsense approach: ‘From concept to creation’.  A five step process that ensures all aspects for delivering a fully functioning test rig are met:

  1. Initial consultation
  2. Design and full technical brief
  3. Test rig build and installation on site
  4. Staff training
  5. After sales support & service


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End of production testing rig
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