Large customised hydraulic Minimess pressure test & service fittings tool kit

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Hydrotechnik UK been supplying test and measurement equipment for over 25 years to a wide range of industries. In that time we have developed long term relationships with key OEMs. OEM’s often require customised solutions to tailor for specific needs of service engineers tasked with looking after hydraulic system performance...

Hydrotechnik's test rig helps a renown manufacturer of fire protection products leak test suppression valves

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Hydrotechnik UK recently delivered their latest pressure and flow testing rig to a renown manufacturer of fire protection products. The hydrostatic testing rig leak tests fire suppression valves to ensure they meet the regulatory standards before they can be sold. Having purchased a couple of handheld hydraulic data loggers in...

Custom made Minimess Bleed and Sampling Kit proves popular

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The damaging effects of air on hydraulic systems One of the greatest attributes of a hydraulically powered system is instant and accurate response time. This can only be achieved if all of the components are within tolerance and there is no air in the system which can absorb power. It...

Pressure Testing the surface finish of aerospace components

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Hydrotechnik UK have designed, custom built and commissioned another test rig to add to the library of previous test rigs. This test rig pressure tests with air metal surface finishing on aerospace components. The table top test bench comes with our highly accurate PR100 pressure transducer and SEG1060 display as...

Sweeping away production delays

  • end of production testing rig

After moving additional production to the U.K to meet the increased demand for advanced road sweepers, another suitable rig was required to display, log and record machine component and performance tests. After the successful installation of our previous end of line production measuring and data logging station, an enhanced...

Hydraulic motor test rig tests torque, flow, speed and pressure

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Hydrotechnik UK are proud to expand on their test rig design and build service, having recently installed their latest test rig – a custom designed and built hydraulic test rig specified to test the performance and reliability of hydraulic motors. With the help of our sister company Filtertechnik and UK...

Hydrotechnik UK announce extended Calibration Department

  • Calibration Services

Hydrotechnik UK have unveiled a major new addition to their existing calibration department. A brand new £100,000+ flow test rig enabling Hydrotechnik to offer full in house flow meter recalibrations traceable to National Standards. The new rig runs on oil, a major advantage for its hydraulic, lube and diesel use...

Hydrotechnik UK to exhibit at Hillhead 2018

  • Hillhead 2018

Hydrotechnik will be exhibiting its market leading range of hydraulic test and data logging equipment that encompasses everything from simple analogue gauges to sophisticated multi channel digital data logging equipment. Hydrotechnik have test equipment to suit all applications and budgets for accurate measurement of pressure, flow, temperature, vibration, RPM, Particulate...

Hydrotechnik UK expand their microbore hose range

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Hydrotechnik UK have been assembling and supplying microbore hoses for over 25 years to a wide range of manufacturing sectors and OEM’s. The range has grown significantly over the years to satisfy a growing and wide-ranging series of customer applications. Microbore hose has a high pressure capability, is low weight...

Hydrostatic test rig helps to certify electrical fuse bodies to national standards

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Hydrotechnik UK have designed, manufactured and commissioned a new hydrostatic testing rig to add to our growing library of component testing rigs. This rig uses hydrostatic force to burst test electrical fuse bodies with up to 5000 psi of pressure for a UK based manufacturer. The manufacturer in question is...